Meditation is Easy... when you meditate with a Master 

Swami Nirmalananda SaraswatiSatguru Swami Nirmalananda specializes in making meditation both easy and deep.  As an authorized teacher in an ancient lineage. she leads Svaroopa® Vidya Ashram.  Affectionately known as Gurudevi, she makes herself accessible in many free programs as well as retreats and trainings.

"Gurudevi is easy to listen to and always engaging." - Deb C.

"Gurudevi looked directly and deeply into my eyes and my Self – and at once I was calm. I had gone from uncontrollable sobbing to complete calm." - Jull G.

"Some of my most dramatic awakenings and healings were meditating with Gurudevi." - Laura K.

Our comprehensive curriculum for meditation includes:

Free Programs

Weekly Meditaiton Programs with Gurudevi

Meditation Home Practice

Meditation Made Easy

Troubleshooting Your Meditation

Where is My Mind?

Your Missing Peace

Meditation Courses

Unlocking Meditation Secrets

Immersions & Retreats

Shaktipat Retreat

Weeekends & Retreats

Meditation Teacher Training

At-Home Study

Year Long Programme

Enlightenment Studies

Svaroopa® Yoga

To Know Your Self

The only way to know your Self is to look within, but how do you get past the busy mind? The ancient sages knew. They passed their secrets through the generations to the Masters who bring them to us today.


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