Yoga Therapy Sessions

Personalized Yoga Therapy

On-Site or Online

Your private session is customized to your personal needs. We use yoga’s most powerful healing tools, with specialized propping and adjustments to jump start your body’s own healing capacity.

We approach your needs in a careful, logical and practical manner that is different from physical therapy — a yogic approach. Using therapeutic protocols that decompress your spine, we create space for your intervertebral discs and lift the pressure off your internal organs. You will be able to feel a tangible difference in your first private session.

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Therapeutic Yoga Series 

Online Yoga Therapy in a Small Group

Get the amazing benefits of private sessions at a big discount in these small group therapeutics classes.  You are joined by one or two other students who share your same goals:  reduced pain and stress, better sleep, increased strength and flexibility, getting happier and having more aliveness to share with others.  Plus your meditations get deeper while your mind gets clearer and more focused. 

Two sessions weekly move you through a healing process so fast!  In just 6 weeks, you’ll be in a whole new place in your body, mind, heart and life.  You learn how to take care of yourself in quick, yet profound ways.

Your Therapist

Your therapist has specialized training in yoga's therapeutic tools. She has the skills and experience to work with anyone who suffers from conditions such as:

  • back & neck pain (acute and chronic)
  • migraines & other headaches
  • allergies & asthma
  • women's & men's health issues
  • digestive conditions
  • fibromyalgia & chronic fatigue syndrome
  • autoimmune diseases
  • cancer & other life-threatening diseases (as an adjunct therapy)
  • and more...

3 Healing Modalities

BREATH - Svaroopa® yoga therapy works with your breath, especially if you have a painful condition, allergies or breathing problems. The breathing therapy is an easy, yet amazingly powerful yogic breathing practice, which relieves pain quickly jump and starts your healing process.

HEALING CAPACITY - Embodyment® yoga therapy is Svaroopa® yoga’s hands-on-healing modality that awakens your body’s own healing capacity. Deep healing comes both from your profound relaxation and your expansive inner experiences that this therapy provides.  Available in On-Site sessions only.

THERAPEUTIC YOGA POSES - Your therapist selects the poses that will give you the most benefit with the least pain or discomfort. Gentle self-inquiry is integrated in so that you may heal the hidden mental-and-emotional levels along with your body. Every session includes time in sweet silence and deep peace, which is the most healing of all.

Personal Preparation

No prior yoga experience is needed before having a personalized session. In fact, many new students prefer to start their yoga experience with this personal introduction and care.

Please wear loose fitting and comfortable clothing for your session. Arrive 10 minutes early, to complete your intake form and plan for a full hour of therapy. You may want to pace your return to normal activities, by taking an additional 30-60 minutes of personal time afterward.

Call to schedule 484.678.2078.

Svaroopa® Yoga

Take Charge of Your Body

Western medicine excels at three things: emergency care, surgery and biochemistry. Yet medicine’s failures include many common maladies, all of which Svaroopa® yoga excels at treating. You really can take charge of your own healing for most conditions, or use yoga as a valuable adjunct to your medical care.

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