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Satguru Swami Nirmalananda

Formerly known as Rama Berch, Swamiji was honored with initiation into the ancient order of Saraswati monks in 2009, and honored with the title "Sadguru" in India in 2016.  Wearing the traditional swami-orange, she has openly dedicated her life to serving others. Swamiji teaches Downingtown Yoga & Meditation Center's meditation programs, during which she makes the highest teachings accessible to everyone, guiding them to the knowledge and experience of their own divine essence. She shares her incredible knowledge in a personal and life-embracing way, through her humor as well as her caring presence.  Read more...


Downingtown Yoga Classes

Yogaratna Valerie (Atmananda) Trautlein, CSYT

Valerie (Atmananda) has been honored with the title "Yogaratna," meaning "jewel of yoga."  It acknowledges her inner and outer mastery, from her decades of yoga practices and inherent spiritual discernment.  After exploring and study many other yoga styles, she found Svaroopa® yoga  in 2006 .

One of the foremost teachers in this approach, she teaches classes, offers yoga therapy and vichara (guided self-inquiry) sessions as well as Yoga Philosophy Discussion groups.  She brings joy, playfulness, devotion and love to her teaching as well as to her personal practice. She recognizes the deep need for yoga in our time, and teaches Svaroopa® yoga because of its accessibility to every body. 

Her Svaroopa® yoga therapy training includes specialization in treating pain.  Having taught Svaroopa® yoga in ME since 2008, she has recently moved with her husband to PA to be closer to his elderly parents. She looks forward to supporting you on your yoga path! 




Swami Shrutananda Saraswati, CSYT, E-RYT 500 

Vidyadevi Stillman

Serving as a Teacher Trainer for Svaroopa®  Vidya Ashram, Swami Shrutananda has studied and taught directly with Gurudevi Swami Nirmalananda for over 27 years.  As a swami, she is a yoga monk, having taken vows to devote her life to spiritual development and serving others.  Her previous work as a research scientist has enlivened her understanding of the science of yoga.  She travels throughout the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, offering programs to support local classes and teachers.  Shrutananda teaches... Click here for more.



Swami Sahajananda Saraswati, RN, CSYT, E-RYT 500

Swami Sahajananda Saraswati was always a seeker, leading her to become a Swami, a yoga monk who is devoting her life to spiritual development as well as service to mankind.  With 30 years training and working in wholistic services, her background includes nursing, massage, herbal and aroma therapies, Insight Meditation and teaching yoga in another style.  In 1999 she met Gurudevi Swami Nirmalananda (then known as Rama Berch).  Sahajananda recalls, “Gurudevi talked to that part of me that held a deep yearning I didn’t even know how to name.”  The next year, Sahajananda began...
Click here for more. 


Swami Samvidaananda Saraswati  


Being the mother of three young children, she had trained to teach children’s yoga.  Gift certificates from friends introduced Samvidaananda to Svaroopa® yoga classes and private yoga therapy sessions.  After the final Shavasana of her first class, and then her first private session, Samvidaananda “knew she was home.”  A few months later she asked God, “What should I do in my life in addition to being a mom?”  The answer... Click here for more.



Swami Satrupananda Saraswati

Swami Satrupananda Saraswati began practicing yoga and meditation in Calgary Alberta, Canada in the 1990s.  As an undergraduate student, she spent some time in China and Southeast Asia where she deepened her interest in Eastern spirituality.  This pursuit led Satrupananda to... Click here for more.



Swami Praj~nananda Saraswati 

When she dove into Svaroopa® yoga, Praj~nananda worked as a first-grade teacher in Brooklyn NY.  Simultaneously she was enrolled in a Master’s degree program.  Having experienced Svaroopa®  yoga years before, she knew it would relieve the pressures of... Click here for more.



Additional Faculty

In addition to our Teacher Trainers above, we have a large faculty of highly accomplished yogis and teachers, most of whom have been training and practicing with Swami Nirmalananda for over ten years.

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Use your body to work on your mind, clearing away the thoughts and emotions that cause your stress and tensions. Along with amazing physical improvements, Svaroopa® yoga clears multiple levels simultaneously, to open up access to your own deeper essence, named “svaroopa.”

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